How to Revitalize Your Commercial Space

Let us update your lobby or sitting area

You want your restaurant, hotel or other commercial space to look perfect for your guests. When it's time for a paint job, ensure you receive great results by hiring Faux Creation Corp in Trumbull, CT. We have over two decades of experience making commercial spaces look breathtaking.

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3 reasons why you should choose us

Painting your lobby or restaurant is a job for an experienced professional. You want a final result that looks perfect and won't come under the scrutiny of your guests. That's why you should choose us. We:

1. Have over two decades of experience
2. Use a special crew for commercial spray jobs
3. Offer high-level painting and wallpaper services

We have experience handling major jobs for discerning customers and have worked on buildings like the Rockefeller Center. To discuss your painting project with a specialist, reach out to us today.